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Service Agreement.

This agreement is a public offer. Parties: the user according to the Terms of Use, hereinafter referred to as the Customer and the entity according to the Terms of Use.

  1. The Agreement.
    1. The Customer requests and the Contractor shall render printing services for the Customer in accordance with the terms of this agreement.
  2. Liabilities of the Customer.
    1. Transfer to the Contractor in electronic form a layout to render printing services, which corresponds to the Contractor document titled Requirements for Layouts.
    2. If the layout of the Customer does not comply with the Contractor’s document Requirements for Layouts, it shall bear full responsibility for the result obtained in the course of rending printing services.
    3. Pay for the services of the Contractor after the Contractor qualifies layouts submitted by the Customer.
    4. Accept the services rendered in accordance with the document of the Contractor titled Printing Services Parameters.
    5. Do not make claims to the Contractor for the services rendered in accordance with the document of the Contractor titled Printing Services Parameters.
    6. Be solely liable for any information specified in the Customer’s layouts.
    7. Self-pay for shipping materials associated with the services under this agreement to a legal entity in charge of the delivery and stipulate all the conditions related to delivery with the legal entity carrying out the delivery.
  3. Liabilities of the Contractor.
    1. Check the layout of the Customer for compliance with the ordered services.
    2. Refuse to render services to the Customer, if the layout provided by the Customer does not meet the terms of the agreement or contradicts the internal policy the Contractor.
    3. After receiving the payment from the Customer render the services for the Customer in accordance with the document of the Contractor Printing Services Parameters.
    4. Render the services paid within 45 calendar days from the date of payment. Return the Customer payment for the services, if the services are not rendered within 45 calendar days from the date of payment and refuse to perform services.
    5. Return to the Customer payment and refuse to render the paid services, if the Contractor for any reason other than force majeure is unable to render the services to the Customer. At its own expense to correct the discrepancy of the services rendered with the Contractor’s document Printing Services Parameters.
  4. Other terms and conditions.
    1. The Agreement shall enter into force on the date of dispatch of layout for printing services by the Customer’s representative to the Contractor.
    2. The service is considered rendered to the Customer and accepted by the Customer when: a representative of the Customer signs the Certificate of Acceptance of Services Rendered or upon availability of the declaration of shipping materials related to the service to the Customer’s representative with the Contractor’s representative.
    3. The Contractor shall have the right at any time in its sole discretion and without informing the Customer to change the documents of the Contractor titled Printing Services Parameters and Requirements for Layouts The Parties shall be exempt from the provisions of this agreement in the event of force majeure.
  5. Money Back Guarantee. Customer can use the Money Back Guarantee when Customer:
    1. Don't receive an services;
    2. Receive an services that doesn't match the Service Agreement.

Payment methods.

Money Back Guarantee in accordance with the Service Agreement.

Printing Services Parameters.

The services rendered allow for the following:
  1. Misalignment of images from two sides of the sheet up to 2 mm.
  2. Up to 2 mm mismatch with a planned size.
  3. Up to 2 mm mismatch with planned place of cutting, die-cutting, folding, scoring, perforating, embossing, hot stamping, and selective varnishing.
  4. Unevenness, non-uniformity and the presence of spots on a colorful and lacquer coating.
  5. Differences in the mapping of the same color on different instances and in different places of one instance.
  6. Deviation of the parameters from the test instance.
  7. The presence of air bubbles and dust particles in the laminated and varnished surfaces.
  8. The presence of cracks in the paper, paint, varnish and laminate coating at folding, creasing, punching, cutting, cutting.
  9. Not a smooth mapping of transition from one color to another.
  10. Unevenness and lag paint, varnish and laminate coating.
  11. Bend sheet at cutting.
  12. Any errors: in the text, figures, color parameters and images.
  13. Non-concurrency with the opinion of any legal or natural person on the status and quality of services rendered.

Requirements to Layouts.

  1. If the layout does not meet the Requirements for Layouts, the responsibility for the results shall bear the Customer.
  2. CMYK color palette for all objects, including raster objects inserted into vector files. Semitones below 8% and above 91% are not displayed when printed.
  3. Resolution of raster objects - 300dpi.
  4. The fill total percentage (Cyan + Magenta + Yellow + Black) at one point no higher than 300%.
  5. File Formats: eps, tif, pdf (only optimized for printing) with all attachments. If you provide files in other formats, printing of their content will be at your risk. The best format: pdf.
  6. Fonts must be converted to curve.
  7. Field for cutting 2mm on each side
  8. Indent of text of the proposed place of cutting - 3 mm.
  9. Minimum line thickness - 0.2 pt.
  10. To personalize, the Excel file is required for the customized text information or set of tif or eps files for customizable graphic information.
  11. For cutting, a vector file with the blade contour is required. Non-die-cut fields at the edges of the sheet 10 mm on three sides and 25 mm in the fourth side.
  12. For stamping and hot stamping, a file with a vector image of stamped elements is required.
  13. For screen printing a vector image without raster images is required.
  14. Maximum print area: digital printing – 310x440mm, offset – 630x440mm, screen – 900x640 mm.
  15. All objects embedded in files must comply with Requirements for Layouts.

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